Team Diamond Advanced Training

Welcome to the members advanced training area. We have a series of calls below, covering the most important areas and challenges that new members encounter. Download the audios, put them on your audio player/phone, and learn from the experts! Please share this page with your teams!

Call 01 – Linda Proctor

Linda outlines the actions needed to build a sustainable and profitable business. How to rank advance. You’ll discover that it’s people just like you who succeed, by following the simple proven system she shares.

Call 02 – Marnie Kay

Marnie shares the three things you need to build belief in, in order to build a big business. The right questions to ask a prospective business partner. Marnie goes on to talk about fear, and how it holds us back. Trusting in yourself. Stepping into uncomfortableness. Becoming a professional.

Call 03 – Linda Proctor

Linda talks about the importance of creating a ‘rank advancing’ culture, and a ‘can-do’ reputation. About how to find the people who you will spend the most time with. Why recognising achievement is a big thing, who is responsible for holding the vision. About how important a consistent approach is – duplication. And much more..

Call 04 – Marnie Kay

Marnie talks about mastering the 5 steps to ‘Launching Yourself Into Action’. The importance of desire, and knowing what you want, and writing it down. The 4 steps to crafting your perfect story. The easy way to writing your list and knowing what to say to people. How to host an event the right way. The most important promise you need to make. Staying inspired.

Call 05 – Marnie Kay

Marnie talks about how improving your ‘follow up’ process can dramatically improve your business!  It’s a learnable and essential skill. Marnie also shares some facts which might surprise you, but also help you set realistic expectations. There are three core steps to follow if you want to enrol a lot of people in your business; discover exactly what to do and say to succeed.

Call 06 – Linda Proctor

Linda Proctor shares the key building blocks of a successful network marketing business. What are the four key blocks, and where do you start. How important your vision of success is. Why a mentor is critical. The session ends with some questions to ask yourself, to help you get clear on how to move forward in the best way.

Call 07 – Marnie Kay

Marnie shares the 5 key principles to developing that all important self-confidence, which not only affects your success in your business, but in almost every aspect of your life. Truly understanding what it means to follow proven steps, taking action before you feel ready, setting small productive goals, staying fully engaged, and the importance of practice.

Call 08 – Linda Proctor

Linda shares the importance of a solid plan, both for yourself, and for the people you recruit. She takes you through exactly how to put one together, which steps are the most important, how to get working straight away with the people you recruit. Linda explains the importance of goals, of taking action, but most importantly, of duplicating the proven system. Listen now, and learn how to get up and running quickly, and successfully.

Call 09 – Aline Banon

Aline Banon on Leading The Way. Aline share how leadership skills can be developed, how to break through the walls of resistance and the limiting factors. The importance of knowing what you really want to do. Why you need to truly be yourself and share your vision, believing in yourself, and being disciplined and organised, and much more!

Call 10 – Linda Proctor

Leading With The Business vs. The Product – Hear Linda Proctor share what the most important focus is when presenting to a prospect. Linda explains the difference between leading with the product and leading with the business. Learn what your primary objective is in network marketing. Know the three questions to ask yourself, prior to speaking with a new prospect, and much more!

Call 11 – Marnie Kay

Marnie Kay talks about the critical importance of your WHY – Knowing your WHY and staying focused on it, will help you build a business. But knowing other people’s WHY and helping them stay focused on it will build you a legacy. Your WHY is your reason for investing your time, your money and effort in a business that can give you what nothing else out there can. It’s Your burning desire for more, the fire inside of you that says do it, keep going, don’t quit. In most cases, it’s not about the money or the achievement of success- but WHY you want it. WHY you’re in pursuit of it.

Call 12 – The Power of Home Events

We have a special call this time. Recorded at the Toronto Leadership Event, listen to Eric Brulmans, Meghan Lichtinghagen & Kaylee Cottrell share expert knowledge about how to run successful Home Events, explaining how home events are the foundation of business growth and momentum. Also, hear from Eric how he fills up every meeting in advance using a unique and fun approach. With tips on getting clear about what the prospect wants, different ways of inviting, and the importance of practice in building confidence.

Call 13 – Wolfgang Sonnenberg

The Bakery. Join Wolfgang as he answers the questions: Are the rules for success in network marketing different to normal business? How to avoid the trap of stalling your business as you achieve ranks. Using the simple analogy of a bakery, learn the stages of building a successful business. Finding people to support you, keeping the business growing, understand that helping others achieve success in their business, is what will create success in yours.. and more!

Call 14 – Wolfgang Sonnenberg

Casting new recruits. Join Wolfgang as he shares more great tips, on how to find the right people, and how to look at recruiting in the right way. Understanding the importance of saying no when it’s not a good fit. Setting your new recruits up with realistic expectations, assessing their skills and commitment and goals. Understanding that with the right foundations, and the right team – anything is possible.

Call 15 – Wolfgang Sonnenberg

Visualization Done Right – Learn about and understand the powerful difference, between looking at the Ferrari you’d like to own, and experiencing yourself sat in and actually driving the Ferrari you already own now. The difference between observing yourself having achieved a future goal – looking at yourself from the outside – and visualizing yourself experiencing having achieved the goal already, what it feels like to be you, looking out at the world, from that place of living in the reality of having achieved the goal..

Call 16 – Wolfgang Sonnenberg

In this final tip from Wolfgang, you will learn why most often – not making it too easy for people to reach you, and keeping the agenda of meeting very clear, concise and efficient, will actually attract more of the right people into your business. Wolfgang takes you through a very simple exercise to demonstrate what people associate with success, and what will create doubt in their minds.