Your Home Event

Home events are the foundation of this business and the key to duplication - get started with this simple agenda and the resources below

Home Events are simple and anyone can host an event.  Home events give the newest distributor a format in which to start presenting (and getting comfortable presenting) and developing leadership skills.  Home events are the fastest way to launch and grow your business.   AND each home event should lead to the next home event!


  1. Set a goal for the number of guests you want to attend. (expect a percentage to “no show” so make sure you over-invite!)
  2. Start inviting…. if your “inviting” is not going well… then immediately speak with your upline.
  3. Confirm with guests 1 or 2 days prior to the event


  1. Product to display and sample
  2. Tools (brochures etc)
  3. TV and DVD or Laptop with videos to play queued up
  4. Upbeat music before and after the event
  5. Water and simple snacks… no alcohol
  6. Order forms
  7. Next event already scheduled and calendar available to schedule events from new people signing up
  8. Excitement- be excited because excitement is contagious and your guests will feel it

The Home Event should be no more than 30 minutes for the actual presentation… the magic happens “after the meeting” when you speak with folks individually about this opportunity and what’s in it for them)

  1. Welcome guests – share your story and expectation for event
  2. Play TDGN video showing our team culture & vision:
  3. Play ‘Welcome to Zija’ video sharing the company we are aligned with:
  4. Play ‘Bob Proctor’ video on Purpose, Vision, Goals:
  5. Intro guest speaker who is calling in or skyping in..
  6. Talk about how to get started – products as a customer or a business pack?
  7. Product and business testimonials (Zija Youtube or Team Diamond website) while tasting products..

(click to download)

  1. Home Event Agenda (pdf)
  2. Moringa Fact Sheet (pdf)
  3. Weight Loss with Moringa Fact Sheet (pdf)
  4. for videos

Don’t forget to check out the Resources Page too!


Marnie’s Product Video

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