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This two day event is Jan 20th (7pm – 10pm) and Jan 21st (9am – 5pm)

Team Diamond Global Network provides power, develops belief, creates tools and resources to continually raise your business to level after level. The Synergism developed from a group of like minded, goal oriented individuals helps you to make the necessary adjustments to continually accelerate the growth of your business.

Make it a ‘MUST’ to be there… and bring your team!

This event will give you the belief, the tools and resources to take your business to the next level! It is about showing you how to make the necessary adjustments to accelerate growth in your business. This IS the very best our business has to offer!

Special Guests to Inspire and Educate:


Bob Proctor – considered the world’s foremost expert on the human mind

Mark McKoy – 1992 Olympic Gold Medal winner in 110m hurdles. Today working with individuals for breakthrough results.

Jarom Dastrup – Vice President of sales, Zija Corporation.

Your speakers will deliver targeted, explicit business development information. One idea can be worth millions!

Plus Zija Leaders Linda Proctor, Wolfgang Sonnenburg, David Moses, Mike Sims, Darrin Gibson, and your Gold and above leaders!

For Golds and Above: you will receive a special invitation to a luncheon/training and planning session Friday 20th, with Zija Leaders and Bob Proctor.


The price includes the main event, lunch on Saturday, and the workbook.

The special rate rooms have all been booked now – so to book your room, either click this link to go to the website, or call the hotel direct on (416) 444-2511

Parking is free at the hotel – don’t pay in the parking lot – just provide license plate info when you check in..

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  • Sonia Rangel
  • daniella banovic
  • Rephael Rechitzky
  • Joanne Decorte
  • Kelly Schmalenberg
  • Coy Brown III
  • Lisa Bevan
  • Richard Bevan
  • Eysa Muhsen
  • Muhammad Seafi
  • Marnie Frank
  • Jacqueline Rogers
  • Michael Moore
  • Paul Coughlin
  • Kieran Roche
  • Rebecca Sayre
  • Lydia Ohara
  • nathalie frechette
  • Frank Zuccaro
  • Lynn Peterson
  • Dominic Sabatini
  • Sara Pedota
  • Peter Klenner
  • Melissa Pauli
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Avery Konda
  • Kennedy Horton
  • Mevin Haulkhory
  • Darrin Gibson
  • Anthony Jones
  • Erika Dux
  • sa ling
  • John McGann
  • Kara Kuczynski
  • Kaylee Cottrell
  • Jack Strazzeri
  • Peter Gosciola
  • Marc Silva
  • Clair MARSLAND
  • Melissa Troudeau
  • Carlie Silk
  • Steven Quarles
  • Ben Stefan
  • Julia Bauer
  • Corey Nelson
  • Debbie Tyityan
  • Emese Lovey
  • Jason Solomon
  • Troy Rackley
  • Steven Harvey
  • Alexis Germany
  • Tierre Edwards
  • Carla Bradstock
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Victoria Moton
  • Alexis Germany
  • Kenya Spells
  • Gina Sandoval
  • Teanna Evans
  • Dominique Bryant
  • Joel Harmon
  • Michael Hosei
  • Devon Nave
  • Daniel Olszewski
  • Gregory Enouf
  • Aline Banon
  • Brandon Rayam
  • William Yank
  • Brady Simpson
  • Melanie Fry
  • Lisa Consoli
  • Lauren Dickson
  • Wendy Henry
  • Vickey Evans
  • Parmees Yazdanyar
  • Naiem Johnson
  • Adonis Howard
  • Brandon Minor
  • Jonny Crosthwaite
  • Tony Turano
  • Angus Cheng
  • Craig Dubecki
  • Mohammed Ali
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