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An event created just for YOU to Inspire and Introduce you to

The Natural Health Revolution

linda-proctorLinda Proctor

Just a small change in behaviour can create amazing results.
Twenty years’ experience in the network marketing industry earning millions during that time. Prior to network marketing Linda owned a financial services company helping professionals structure their finances so that they were able to save more of what they were earning. Today Linda helps individuals earn what they require to live the way they choose.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg

The future is open, we work together to shape what will be in it.
Wolfgang studied Law, had a law and tax accounting office, In 1997 he cut everything off, went more than a million in debt, just to be free from this life. At the same time, he started to build a business in network marketing. Not really experienced in network marketing, but with clear thinking and common sense, he built a huge business, he earned around 20 million. He joined Zija on the 28th of December 2015, very happily joining the Proctor-Team and his main focus is on personal development.

dr-joshua-plantDr Joshua Plant

Nature has all the answers. Head scientist for Zija.
Dr Joshua Plant graduated from Harvard Medical School with a PhD. In biomedical sciences. Typically a 7- year programme, Dr. Plant was able to accomplish it in under 4 years, graduating first in his class. He has completed extensive research across numerous scientific and health institutions including the National Institutes of Health and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Plant is one of only a handful of scientists to receive the national Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship. D. Plant is an accomplished speaker and best-selling author, and has presented at numerous national scientific conferences.

Dr Brian Halvorsen

Abundance, Health and Happiness.
Dr Brian is the UK’s leading holistic dentist combining excellent dental care with a passion in holistic dentistry, diet and oral health, to not just improve teeth but also whole body health in the process.

vanessa-louise-mooreVanessa Louise Moore

Just as nature intended the cocoon to become a butterfly, by aligning ourselves with the Laws of the Universe, we too can transform and become who we are destined to be.
Vanessa captivates audiences with her energy, and LOVE for life. She is the example of inner strength, transformation and Love. Having worked in the cosmetic industry for over 25 years, Vanessa has learnt true beauty is an inside job. “The way nature intended us to be is our gift to the world”.

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