Gear UpCompetition runs from March 16th to March 30th

Two winners will be drawn from the TDGN registered members on Saturday, March 30th. Each winner will receive an iPad.

All you have to do to have your name in the draw is accumulate 1,000 PV over the period of the two weeks. It can be one transaction or numerous transactions – but they must equal 1,000 PV.

If you accumulate 2,000 PV you will have two chances to win!

This is an exciting contest that will help all of us gear up for the Rank Run which will start March 30th! Make sure you have your name in the draw! AND make sure you are a TDGN member – it’s free!

* The iPad will be ordered/shipped one week after the draw. All qualifying orders must still be on the books.

Register as a member if you haven’t already by clicking here

Download the printable pdf flyer by clicking here