Race To Emerald


Germanic Region


South Africa



June Tour Dates

  • 5th June – Nantes (France)
  • 15th June – Paris (France)
  • 18th June – Annecy (France)
  • 18th June – Soweto (South Africa)
  • 19th June – Liège (Belgium)
  • 19th June – Cape Town (South Africa)
  • 20th June – Durban (South Africa)
  • 22nd June – Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • 28th June – Nice (France)
  • 29th June – Lyon (France)
  • 21st June – Durban (South Africa)

July Tour Dates


South Africa – Buy One Get One Free Supermix!!

South Africa – Rank Rewards

It's Gonna Be A Gold Rush

4th JUNE – 28th JUNE 2019

We are heading towards an exciting finish line just a little over 90 days from now – a major stage in Frankfurt in October 2019, and we want to see you there on that stage recognized as an EMERALD LEADER sharing a very special experience prior to the event with the Diamond Leaders!!!

We want to help create some excitement, help you earn more, and become more on your way to this pinnacle event!

We have put together a strategy and a plan starting right now, so even if you are the newest team member, you can get off to a great start and see yourself on that stage in Frankfurt! How do we do that?

FIRST, we want to help you reach the all-important rank of GOLD LEADER in your business, and celebrate that rank advancement with an additional CASH BONUS.


Reach the rank of GOLD LEADER in your business between now and June 28th, and you will receive an additional $250 CASH and be RECOGNIZED on stage during our upcoming tour events!!

**If you are already GOLD, who on your team can you develop to Gold with this incentive?

This will ensure you are positioned 60 days out from Frankfurt with a team to develop to white gold, platinum and then on to EMERALD LEADER by October 18th.

*Must be active and qualified Team Diamond Global Network distributor and a member of Linda Proctor’s downline to participate. This is a Team Diamond Global Network initiative only. All bonuses will be paid in USD

Click here to download the PDF Flyer


Denis Brubacher
Denis BrubacherGermany
Sascha Küll
Sascha KüllGermany
Patty Sonnenburg
Patty SonnenburgSwitzerland
Heidemarie M. Wolf
Heidemarie M. WolfAustria
Thuli Mphirime
Thuli MphirimeSouth Africa