TDGN Get Qualified Bonus


GET QUALIFIED BONUS is an incredible incentive and especially valuable for the newest team member.  It provides extra income when you enrol two or more people in the same week (same Cycle and Period), who both enter with a minimum initial order, plus a Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip). This incentive is offered by the company to reward those results-producing activities that will benefit you long term in building your business!  This is definitely an incentive everyone should take advantage of RIGHT NOW!


Enroll 2 people at 150 PV (initial order) and a 75+ PV Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) in the same Cycle and Period and receive a $50 bonus on your next commission check.

Enroll 2 people at 250 PV (initial order) and a 75+ PV Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) in the same Cycle and Period and receive a $100 bonus on your next commission check.


If you bring in 2 or more qualified people and qualify for the bonus – your image is displayed below, along with an indication of what the bonus will likely equate to in cash terms**. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following GQB Roackstars!

Marion Carmen Otten
Marion Carmen OttenGQB Bonus: $100
Francis James Tschan
Francis James TschanGQB Bonus: $50
Jake Parton
Jake PartonGQB Bonus: $50
Tommy Fryer
Tommy FryerGQB Bonus: $50
Katharina Grimm
Katharina GrimmGQB Bonus: $25
South Africa

If you bring in 1 qualified person, your name appears in the table below.  Note: scores are updated daily. If you bring in one more qualifier this same week – you will be eligible for GQB, and appear in the section above. A HUGE shout out to the following achievers!


The totals for the individuals below (according to our own calculations) indicate the extra cash bonuses they have received as part of the Get Qualified Bonus over the previous period. Make sure you check out this bonus and take advantage of it – we want your name on the next list!

Name$ BonusCountry
Jarno Dubbeldam400Austria
Arron Dickson300UK
Christian Putten200Netherlands
Jemina Morare200South Africa
Leila Bila200South Africa
Marieluise Paul200Germany
Mike Dirske200Netherlands
Nick Daskalakis200Germany
Pauline Magoxo200South Africa
Sebastian Gomez Herrera200Netherlands
Jason Solomon150USA
Brad Dickson100UK
Christian Reed100USA
Damian Gakes100Netherlands
Eric & Muriel Brulmans100Belgium
Jake Parton100UK
Ludovic Duperray100France
Matt Moehl100USA
Sandra Honert100Germany
Christian Leinenbach50USA
Courtney Watkins50UK
Funeka Dlaza50South Africa
Mark Day50USA
Martina Klenner-Kuso50Austria
Michael Trentzsch50Germany
Nomthandazo Msibi50South Africa
Pedro Valverde50USA
Tatiana Bonsall50USA
Thomas Jacobs50France
Catherine Montesinos25France
Hassiba Tabet25France
Helen Tshabalala25South Africa
Nompumelelo Maki25South Africa
Precious & Lukie Ndlovu25South Africa
Priscilla Mabyane25South Africa
Sizakele Jafta25South Africa

** The cash amounts displayed for individuals are based on our own (TDGN) internal calculations based on team activities, and are not guaranteed to match head office calculations.


  1. This program is open to all Active Zija Independent Distributors, excluding Zija Korea Members.
  2. The Get Qualified Bonus begins January 6, 2018 and ends December 31, 2019.
  3. Enrolled pairs can be at different PV levels.
  4. Pairs must be enrolled within the same Cycle of the same Period.
  5. If you are currently flagged for Double FSC, you are deemed ineligible for the Get Qualified Bonus.
  6. This promotion and all of its rules, regulations, and benefits are subject to change at any time at Zija International’s sole discretion.

* Excludes Korea
** Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) requirement excludes Colombia, South Africa, Cameroon, Mexico, Philippines, and Thailand.