Don’t Be Fooled by Imitators and Attack Comparisons

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Zija International goes to great lengths to provide the highest quality Moringa in the world with all of the beneficial nutrients preserved and in its most bioavailable form. A great deal of scientific research and development has been performed to maximize the many benefits of Moringa in easy-to-use products. By doing so, those that consume Zija’s Core Moringa SuperMix, SmartMix, or XM+ can expect the utmost benefits from 90+ verified nutrients that Moringa oleifera contains. Zija takes several steps to ensure the most nutrient-dense, high-quality Moringa is provided to its consumers.

1) THE RIGHT BOTANICAL. Moringa oleifera is one of thirteen species that belong to the Moringaceae family. Moringa oleifera is the most scientifically studied and most beneficial of these thirteen species. Zija ensures that its products contain Moringa oleifera—through genetic purity testing—so you get maximum nutritional value and benefits. Our advanced testing and research demonstrates that not all Moringa oleifera trees are genetically pure and some have been adulterated.

2) PROPER SOURCING. While Moringa can grow nearly anywhere in the world, its nutritional value is dependent on its growing conditions and environment. Assessments have demonstrated that the most nutritious Moringa grows in arid climates in India vs. other areas like the Philippines. Zija sources its Moringa from a collection of numerous co-op farmers in India, each of which follows specific steps to ensure that the most nutrient-dense Moringa is obtained. This includes carefully harvesting the botanical by hand.

3) OPTIMUM MANUFACTURING CONDITIONS. Manufacturing in a facility that monitors and controls for free radicals, temperature, and humidity preserves vital nutrients and ensures you have the most bioavailable and beneficial Moringa in Zija’s Core Moringa products like SuperMix, SmartMix, or XM+.

4) SHADE DRYING. Most often, companies will use damaging infrared or sun drying techniques to dry their Moringa leaves. This is due to these methods being a quicker, more cost-effective process. This leads to greater profits for the company selling Moringa. However, Zija uses the longer and more perfected shade drying process that preserves the variety, quantity, and bioavailability of Moringa’s many nutrients. In fact, shade drying can increase the content of some vital nutrients up to 40-fold.

5) USAGE OF THE MOST NUTRIENT-RICH PARTS OF THE PLANT (LEAVES, SEEDS, FRUIT).The Moringa oleifera Superfoods Comparison chart on the next page demonstrates that combining Moringa leaves, seeds, and fruit maximizes the nutrient variety and composition of SuperMix, SmartMix and XM+. Doing so gives you a more balanced and broad nutrient composition. The leaves contain the lion’s share of the amino acids, vitamins, and fiber, while the seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, and the fruit adds to the mineral value of the plant

6) PROVIDED IN THE MOST NUTRITIOUS AND BIOAVAILABLE FORM. Consuming Moringa as a nutritious drink that the body recognizes as a whole food maximizes nutrition and bioavailability so your cells and tissues are flooded with the 90+ nutrients found in Moringa. Getting your Moringa in drink form also activates digestive enzymes, and encourages absorption in the intestines. It would take a handful of Moringa-filled capsules to get the equivalent benefits found in one easy, on-the-go packet of SuperMix, SmartMix or XM+. Liquid supplements have the advantage of faster and easier absorption, greater digestibility (especially for elderly consumers), improved potency, and are easier to swallow for some people.

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Click here to download the full pdf document..