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Marnie before and afterDear friend!

G’day, my name is Marnie Kay. And I have always fluctuated in weight. Mostly caused by stress, eating junk and not excising. I’ve blamed it on hormones, ex’s, diets not working for my body, summer, and being ‘busy.’ But the truth is, it just wasn’t convenient for me to to get the right stuff in my body- and I hadn’t made a decision to commit.

I realized recently, this was because I forgot how it felt to FEEL GOOD in my body- I forgot that that could build my confidence, love shopping for clothes, WANT to get dressed in the morning and even WANT to be social. Many times in my life, I have lacked the above- although I can put on a good show and wear big baggy clothes (pulled together as a style) like nobody’s business… I just learned how to get around it without actually fixing the problem.

A few months back I (finally) decided to try something new. I was skeptical, I had tried Garcinia Cambogia a few years back (costing over $200!) and got nowhere with it. BUT I started taking a new, all-natural Moringa-based herbal capsule called XM3 made by Zija International. 1 a day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I had committed to 2 months to start with no real expectations of results. Now to preface this, I have always believed if you just get the right stuff in your body, the body can do amazing things. I just always found it so hard, or made excuses as to why I couldn’t. I realized late last year, that I was out of excuses- I needed results. So I began in late October. I weighed little over 150 pounds- which for my height, was pretty over weight.

I’ve saved you the full body shot here- and I think in my face alone you can see the result. I weighed myself last week and, although I’m uncomfortable with weight being the measurement and think it should also be about fitness level, body fat % etc- I am down to 121 pounds. I’ve lost over 30 pounds. Almost a third of my original body. I didn’t think much of it for a bit, except I feel amazing, I’m back in a size 2 and now have fitness goals for this year (instead of weight loss like I usually do!). My girl friends (and guy friends) have noticed and started asking me what I did (and started buying XM3)- seeing results for themselves and quickly.

So, what’s in this story for you? Well, I have never felt this good. And it just gets better everyday. And if I can share that with even a few people – then this story (which was extremely hard for me to share) was worth it.

*Please note… I did make an effort to cut out breads and sugar where I could, but I travel for a living and love my wine and dinners out AND this was over the holidays- so I didn’t skimp- I didn’t have to!

*Also, this is an extreme dose of natural caffeine. Even though it is completely ALL NATURAL, it is like a very strong cup of coffee- If you are caffeine sensitive, this isn’t for you- message me and I’ll share another Moringa product that may work for you. Check ingredients for any sensitivity concerns below….

Thanks for listening and checking out my crazy transformation- I still can’t even believe the difference!


Fredrik de Jounge

Fredrik de Jounge

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