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Zija International Product Catalog

Learn about and shop for the latest Zija Core Nutritionals, Améo Essential Oils and Ripstix Fitness Supplements products, tools and accessories!

Also, downloadable PDF versions:

Click here to download the normal version for online reading and sharing (20MB)

Click here for the original high quality print version (90MB)

Zija tools are available for all in the Zija Business Store : you can find flyers, different promo materials and various Zija presentations in the Members Area. Presentations are free to download and use for your events and meetings:

In case you missed it… we have a one-stop-shop now for a ‘pass’ tool on Zija International, the company, products, science and WHY we stand out from the rest!

Potential customers and distributors can see the testing first hand with the ‘lot code’ search bar at the top, see our farms and manufacturing facility (and check out our Advisory board of experts)… AND if they scroll to the bottom there are 3 short videos on the company, business & the Zija Miracle Foundation.

No more sending 17 links on email… you can whip this out there once you’ve piqued interest easy-peasy lemon-squeazy!

Ziabiztools provides books, cd’s, banners, brochures, pads, car decals etc.:

Information on the company and industry, to help people decide if Zija is for them: