Getting Started - Your Business In A Box!

Welcome to Team Diamond Global Network! If You're New To The Team - You're In The Right Place!

We have five sections covering everything you need to get started fast and right.
Work through each of the sections thoroughly.


It All Starts Here..

Mindset is absolutely critical. This is where you develop a crystal clear vision of where you are going, and just as importantly – what drives you..

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Show Me The Money!

Wealth is where you will find the lessons/activities for building your business, the steps and actions that generate income. It’s a proven system..

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Loving The Products..

Health is where you learn about and fall in love with your favourite products. Your passion and knowledge will impact others and your business..

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Getting Connected..

Community is where you will ‘connect up’ with others, through events, calls and social media. This connection to the team is critical for inspiration and motivation..

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Tasks And Tools..

Administration is where we’ll show you what needs setting up in the backend, and what tools, links and apps to use to help set yourself up for success..

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