5. Administration

This Is Where You’ll Learn To Use The Tools

Step 1

Go to https://myzija.com/ and login with the username and password you created during enrolment.

There is lots of great info in here – everything you need to help build your business. So play around and check out all the sections each day so you get used to what is where, for when you need it.

One of the more important areas is the Library Centre (literally a library of all product info PDF’s, presentation tools, business & compensation plan, support and so much more!) which can be found under the TEAM & RESOURCES tab, under Resources header, click on ‘Library Centre.’

Step 2

Go to TEAM & RESOURCES tab, under the Marketing header, choose ‘Replicated Site.’

Here you can personalize your Zija website. If you want to change your URL, you can at anytime by phoning in to customer service, or click on your name in the top right hand site of your back office, then ‘Account Information.’ Simply click on EDIT for the line that says Username, changing your username will change your replicated website and your login username.

Step 3

Next, you want to make sure you have your Zija Rewards Purchase set up so you are eligible to earn commissions and retain any volume accrued in your account to be paid on.

Under the ORDERS & COMMISSIONS tab, below ‘My Orders,’ click on Zija Rewards Purchase (Recurring Order). Refer to the Compensation plan for commissions based on your personal order each month to make sure you maximize on potential earnings.

Step 4

Download your Zija ‘Life Unlimited’ mobile app!

In your app store, simply search Zija International, and the Life Unlimited mobile app will come up. It’s a free download and requires the same username and password as your back office. There are some great tools and videos in your app, using the icons at the bottom, toggle through to find your account info and income for the week, as well as some great videos to learn and share right from your phone, and Zija updates and news.

Step 5

Finally, you want to get connected with everything Zija!

First – download the Zija app:

  1. In the iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/life-unlimited/id720681873
  2. In the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zijamobile.lifeunlimited

Then – visit and bookmark/subscribe to the following links to stay up to date with company news and information, new product releases and incentives AND great tools and videos to help spread the love!