TDGN Rank Run


Welcome to the TDGN Team Rank Run!

This is a 4 week challenge running from August 18th through to September 14th.

The goal is to have our biggest 4 week period ever! We want to break the record for both enrolling new customers and distributors, and also break the record for the most rank advancements in a four week period for our team!

On this site we will be recognizing achievement in both rank advancement and also recruiting. We want to see you on this page!

As we get closer, see below for the leaderboard, and also the calls and webinars to get you plugged in the Rank Run!


Rank Run TEAM DINNER Incentive

Rank Run SUMMIT Incentive

Click the image to download the information sheet over on the right

Rank Run Incentives


Between Periods 128 – 131 (May 26, 2018 – September 14, 2018) when you share the product with at least 4 new people with a minimum 1,000 PV total, you can qualify for one of the following rewards:

  1. Free summit registration
  2. Get recognized at Summit Diamond Gala
  3. A $200 hotel credit
  4. A $400 airline credit

Click the image to download the information sheet over on the right

Zija GQ4 Summit Flyer


Linda Proctor
Linda ProctorDouble Black Diamond
Jason Solomon
Jason SolomonEmerald
Tierre Edwards
Tierre EdwardsWhite Gold
Jake Parton
Jake PartonGold
Alex & Dilara Veh
Alex & Dilara VehSilver
Sven Neumann
Sven NeumannSilver
Anita Chapman
Anita ChapmanBronze
Eriko Valiquette
Eriko ValiquetteBronze
Ingrid Borgers
Ingrid BorgersBronze
Petra Rehnstrom
Petra RehnstromBronze
Wolfgang Winter
Wolfgang WinterBronze
Christian Wolz
Christian WolzBuilder 1000
Jost Wagner
Jost WagnerBuilder 1000
Madelene Fredlund
Madelene FredlundBuilder 1000
Michael Jungwirth
Michael JungwirthBuilder 1000
Mike Dreblow
Mike DreblowBuilder 1000
Andy Millan
Andy MillanBuilder 500
Anneli Irebäck
Anneli IrebäckBuilder 500
Åsa Dahlström
Åsa DahlströmBuilder 500
Dan & Cathy Sarver
Dan & Cathy SarverBuilder 500
Eliot Ward
Eliot WardBuilder 500
Günther Jauck
Günther JauckBuilder 500
Ishmael Gowero
Ishmael GoweroBuilder 500
Regan McLean
Regan McLeanBuilder 500
Ruthie Pucci
Ruthie PucciBuilder 500
Stephen Burgess
Stephen BurgessBuilder 500
Suzan Yumerova
Suzan YumerovaBuilder 500
Camilla Worrings
Camilla WorringsBuilder
Catherine Loyer
Catherine LoyerBuilder
Eileen Nugent
Eileen NugentBuilder
Isioma Fidel-Ewerem
Isioma Fidel-EweremBuilder
Jeremy Drouin
Jeremy DrouinBuilder
Lettie Makhubela
Lettie MakhubelaBuilder
Mark Nixon
Mark NixonBuilder
Nathaly Craig
Nathaly CraigBuilder