Team Diamond Leaders

Linda Proctor
Linda ProctorDouble Black Diamond
Over twenty years experience in the network marketing industry earning millions during that time. Prior to network marketing Linda owned a financial services company helping professionals structure their finances so that they were able to save more of what they were earning. Today Linda helps individuals earn what they require to live the way they choose.
Aline Banon
Aline BanonTriple Diamond
With a long history of success in the leadership industry, Aline has trained and inspired many people to reach for and achieve high levels of success in their lives. After meeting her husband Alain Banon – already a world leader in network marketing – working together they have achieved huge success in the industry, with top positions in many companies, and with over 150,000 partners. Alina now applies her extensive leadership skills within the network marketing industry, helping others build successful businesses and achieve their full potential.
Wolfgang Sonnenburg
Wolfgang SonnenburgTriple Diamond
After a career in law, accounting and consulting, in 1997 he cut everything off to be free from that life. Right after he started building his network marketing business, became the number one in Europe and one of the top three in the world, earning approximately 20 million DM. After joining Zija in Dec 2015, Wolfgang enjoys the focus on personal development, and achieved the rank of Diamond after 2 months.
Brad Alkazin
Brad AlkazinDouble Diamond
From a early age, Brad possessed an entrepreneurial knack for seeking out and succeeding in various businesses. Growing up around the networking industry he quickly fell in love with how it can change so many peoples’ lives for the better. After achieving phenomenal success early on in the industry, Brad has naturally stepped into a leadership role, and now loves to teach entrepreneurs of all ages on how to achieve a ‘Life Unlimited’ for themselves.
Marnie Kay
Marnie KayDouble Diamond
Just a few years ago, saying ‘I love what I do’ was a fantasy for Marnie. After making the decision to create the life she truly wanted, Marnie left the corporate world behind. Today, she is truly ‘loving what she does’, and continues to build her global online business helping thousands of others do the same and lead the way for a world with better health, wealth and happiness.
Nick Dask
Nick DaskDiamond
Having previously achieved extraordinary success in corporate business, Nick is now demonstrating his seasoned business and leadership skills in the network marketing industry. His goal is to develop as many people as possible into inspired, smart and successful network marketing leaders. Nick says: “It’s a great privilege to be a part of the Team Diamond Global Network. Helping others to succeed in this business has brought a level of profound meaning and a depth to my life that I never would have imagined.”
Darrin Gibson
Darrin GibsonDiamond
In 2014 Darrin’s journey of growth, personal development and prosperity truly started. After a powerful conversation with Linda Proctor, Darrin started working with Zija International. He now fulfils his dream of living a life unlimited, helping others to change their mindset and grow, thereby achieving a life unlimited for themselves too. Darrin’s business philosophy is both powerful and simple: to find a mentor – someone who has the results that you want, and do exactly what they tell you to do. The results will follow.
Gerhard Klenner
Gerhard KlennerDiamond
Gerhard has been a leader in the network marketing industry since 2001. He started with Zija 2016. He loves the products, the company and the team. His vision is to help hundreds of thousands of people to live a better life. Everyone should have the chance to live self-determined in terms of health, time freedom, finances and personal grow.
Azzedine Tebaa
Azzedine TebaaDiamond
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Helen Keller

Unity is strength.. when there is collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Matie J.T. Stepanek