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Zija Team Benz Qualified

Zija’s Team Benz Details

With Zija’s Team Benz, Qualifying for the Ride really pays off. You can earn a cash bonus to put toward buying or leasing your own Mercedes-Benz! Zija Luxury Car Program bonuses range from $400 – $1,200 per Period, based on Pay Rank.

Team Benz FAQ:

Gold, White Gold & Platinum$400 per Period – $100 per Cycle
Emerald$500 per Period – $125 per Cycle
Diamonds$800 per Period – $200 per Cycle
Black Diamonds$900 per Period – $225 per Cycle
Diamond Elites$1000 per Period – $250 per Cycle
Imperial Diamonds$1100 per Period – $275 per Cycle
Crown Diamonds$1200 per Period – $300 per Cycle

What You Receive

When you qualify (Gold and above) and become eligible for the Team Benz Program – we will send you the coveted TDGN keyring.

These are custom made, and strictly limited to eligible members of Team Diamond Global Network!


Congratulations On Reaching The Rank Where You Are Eligible For A Car Bonus!

Linda Proctor
Linda ProctorDouble Diamond
Brad Alkazin
Brad AlkazinDouble Diamond
Aline Banon
Aline BanonDiamond
Jed Buenaluz
Jed BuenaluzDiamond
Darrin Gibson
Darrin GibsonDiamond
Steve Hall
Steve HallDiamond
Marnie Kay
Marnie KayDiamond
Wolfgang Sonnenburg
Wolfgang SonnenburgDiamond
Meghan Lichtinghagen
Meghan LichtinghagenEmerald
Gerhard Klenner
Gerhard KlennerPlatinum
Jason Solomon
Jason SolomonPlatinum
Jemmie Adams
Jemmie AdamsGold
Vikas & Sonia Arora
Vikas & Sonia AroraGold
Julia Bauer
Julia BauerGold
Richard Bevan
Richard BevanGold
Stephane Blanc
Stephane BlancGold
Eric & Muriel Brulmans
Eric & Muriel BrulmansGold
Kaylee Cottrell
Kaylee CottrellGold
Nick Dask
Nick DaskGold
Tierre Edwards
Tierre EdwardsGold
Marnie Grundman
Marnie GrundmanGold
Alina Iacubovschi
Alina IacubovschiGold
Fredrik de Jounge
Fredrik de JoungeGold
Peter Klenner
Peter KlennerGold
Martina Klenner-Kuso
Martina Klenner-KusoGold
Favour Onyemaechi
Favour OnyemaechiGold
Priska Portmann
Priska PortmannGold
Nancy Puccetti
Nancy PuccettiGold
Gisbert Reuter
Gisbert ReuterGold