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Liliane Lenaerts

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Liliane Lénaerts

My name is Liliane Lénaerts, I’m nearly 59 years old and I am from Liège, in Belgium.

My first contact with Network Marketing happened at the end of 2003. The enterprise I had choose at this time, little by little became direct sales and I didn’t like this approach. So after 10 years, in 2013 I decided to stop my complementary activity.

Last year, I became involved in Network Marketing through a company who operate in the beauty with natural products field. After a few months I saw that the compensation plan was not what I was expected. At the same time, at the end of September, Muriel and Eric contact me with Aline to explain to me about Zija.

After this first contact with Zija, I understand that it was much more what I was waiting for. The Natural Health Revolution was what I wanted to do and to participate in actively.

I have also to explain that since 2003, I’ve had a burn out with a lot of health problems due to a moral harassment that I’ve been victim in my work environment. It is resulted as consequence a diagnostic, the fibromyalgia. And as you know certainly, the traditional medicine cannot help to cure this sort of chronic acidose and inflammatory state.

So I chose to turn to the natural medicine. As I obtained the last year some good results and improvement of my general state, Since September when I use Moringa, I never felt as well and in great shape as now. Little by little I’ve tried all the products of the range Zija, and I want to use it every day.

When beginning, I decided to do this with Professional option, because I’ve got a big WHY; And also because I want to help the most of people I can. I want to be an example for all those persons who suffer the same difficulties as I had.

This is my story and use it to help more people…


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Andre Lichtinghagen

Listen to Andre’s story:

Andre Lichtinghagen

My name is Andre Lichtinghagen from Germany and living in Switzerland now. I have a background in sports and fitness. I have worked in big fitness centres since 2003 as a Personal Trainer. I have worked with hundreds of different clients over the years. I have always loved helping people live a better and healthier life.

The bad side of this job was that only 30% was actually helping people improve their health while 70% was selling memberships and keeping the gym tidy. In addition to that after a long shift there was very little time to do the things i love and spend time with my loved ones. I always thought there must be something out there that gives me the time freedom to do the things I love and still earn the amount of money I want to enjoy my life.

One day I was introduced to Zija and immediately recognized that this was a concept that would enable me to have time and money freedom and the ability to help people on a larger scale. In addition to that the Zija products are something that everybody needs and everyone wants. There is something for everyone.

I am so exited to be working with an amazing team of people who have a proven track record of success. I am excited for the future because I am now in control of my destiny and the best part is I can help others improve their lives too .