Your First Steps

Stay tuned as we add guides, videos and resources to help you get started in the best way!

Welcome to the Team!

This page is designed to get you started quickly and effectively, doing the right things in the right way.

First things first – watch the video below, as Marnie takes you through the very first steps, including getting started with the Zija Roadmap, your game plan, your goals, and setting up the back office and website.

Let’s Go!

Watch Marnie talk you through the very first steps, including:

  1. Zija Roadmap
  2. Your game plan
  3. Your goals
  4. The back office and website
  5. The Zija App
  6. Getting to know your products
  7. Learning and following the system

Next Steps

Next, as Marnie mentions in the video, download the Zija Roadmap to a Life Unlimited (click this link). This can also be found under the resources menu..

Don’t forget to download the Zija app:

  1. In the iTunes Store:
  2. In the Play Store:

Then – Watch These Training Videos by Marnie Kay:

1. The Mindset of Success!

2. The System

3. The Products!

Note: Not all products are available in all countries

4. How to Handle Objections