A warm ‘hello’ from Salt Lake City where the 2016 Zija Summit has just ended!

Zija is going from strength to strength, and after 10 years – is really flourishing. Top quality, management, processes, employees – all taking Zija higher and higher. There is also the new impressive branding on the website: https://www.zijainternational.com/

As expected, the products being launched in the U.S. are about 6 months ahead of their European launch, so it was great to see what’s on the way!

Dr. Joshua Plant gave a particularly potent speech emphasizing how the business stands for using more natural and organic resources; moving away from the chemicals and toxins. He also mentioned that the public global population figures are incorrect, and there are nearly a billion people with ‘no name’ who are falling through the statistics – and he stated in a touching voice, that “we will give them a name!”.

Our company has a real vision. The quality of the high level distributors on stage was impressive – no hype, just professionals with high integrity. There really is the wish to create a good business – but also an honest commitment to start a legacy in the natural health revolution. This is also what president Ryan Palmer is emphasizing and what I like so much – it’s still about Zija and how to shape the company for a successful future, but at the same time it’s about your own health and how to get closer to achieving your personal dream. Ryan’s words: “A legacy is not what you leave for people; a legacy is what you leave¬†in people.”

I haven’t seen this approach anywhere yet – such a combination of honesty and quality standards. I am truly excited to be part of this movement. We have a great business opportunity with the possibility to make the money you desire; the more money you make, the more people you helped!

[edited message from Wolfgang]

Here are some photos from the event: